Hillel Granot

Hillel Granot

Hillel Granot

Mr Bachar served as director of the municipal parking authority from 1996-1999, under the auspices of the Petach Tikva Development Company Ltd.

As fitting to his role, Mr. Bachar commenced management of the parking authority and held a range of responsibilities including:

Operation of the entire parking system in and around the city and industrial zones.


Management and operation of a law enforcement program for police officers
Management and operation of individual parking lots.
Management and of and carrying out the wholesale
Management and operation of parking fee collection and marketing procedures.
Management of relations and collaboration with the Israel police and courts.
Mediation and collaboration with regional Industrial zones administration
Overseeing of relations and collaboration with the City of Petach Tikva with respect to parking operations in the city.
Within the context of his appointment, Moshe had a limited budget, which was to be divided between the various facets of the operations.
Throughout the entire contracting period, Moshe demonstrated his professionalism, dedication, caring and initiative which were gladly received.
Mr. Bachar has contributed greatly to the improvement of society in general and in particular the municipal parking authority, and accomplished much during his 4 years as manager of the parking authority. It should be noted that during his tenure, Mr. Bachar established our parking authority as a role model in terms of overseeing similar authorities across the country.
Mr. Bachar is a graduate of the Management Course for Municipal Company Employees and the Course for Senior Directors of Municipal and Public Corporations. Through these courses as well as various other programs of continuing education, Mr. Bachar has procured valuable skills in general and financial management, thus enabling him to apply his talents and professional knowledge to the best of his ability, resulting in effective management and accomplishment during his term in the municipal parking authority.
I am convinced that wherever he may head, Mr. Bachar will continue, in his wisdom, to achieve the highest levels of success.
Yours sincerely,
Hillel Granot

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