Letters of recommendation

The following letters of appreciation and recommendation reflect the quality and breadth of our professionalism and customer satisfaction:

Moshe Sinai

Moshe Sinai

Mayor of Rosh Ha’Ayin (2003-2013)

I wish to express my appreciation to Moshe Bachar, for his contribution and professional approach undertaken in developing and organizing the various facets involved in establishing the parking and parking lots in the city of Rosh Ha'Ayin.

Over the past decade, during my term as mayor, Moshe Bachar assisted us considerably with regard to a number of important matters raised with respect to creating parking spaces, providing parking meters and parking lot tenders, as well as helping to solve other dilemmas, greatly alleviating our load.

הרב ניסים מלכה

Rabbi Nissim Malka

Mayor’s Office, Municipality of Kiryat Shmona

I would like to express thanks and great appreciation to Moshe Bachar, specialist parking management consultant, for his contribution and support to the Municipality of Kiryat Shmona in establishing a system for the management and operation of city parking inspection, and within its framework, the establishment of a municipal parking authority.

Moshe guided the municipal officials with remarkable consistency and professionalism in formulating a master plan for regulated parking around the city, as well as accompanying us closely in the process of preparing and approving of the new “Provision for vehicles and parking” bylaw, that was updated and customized for the enforcement and supervision zones.

עלוית פרוינד- ר' מינהלת מרכז העיר נתניה

עלוית פרוינד

ראש מינהלת מרכז העיר נתניה

לאורך תקופת היכרותי את משה, כבר למעלה מ־ 20 שנים, זכיתי לקבל ממנו שירותיי ייעוץ ברמה מקצועית וגבוהה מהמקובל.
אין לי ספק כי בזכות ניסיונו הרב והמצטבר של משה בכר בתחום החניה והחניונים ובזכות יכולתו האישית כאיש ארגון למופת הרואה ומבין בצורה רב־מערכתית את הצרכים המקצועיים, מתאפשר לו להתאים למידותיו של כל לקוח פתרונות יצירתיים, מודרניים ויעילים - לפי דרישותיו.



Eli Barda

Eli Barda

Migdal Haemek Municipality

Moshe Bachar established a municipal parking authority in Migdal HaEmek in a most professional manner.

Moshe's professional guidance in creating organized parking for the city helped to successfully solve the issues of traffic flow on Migdal HaEmek's main streets and the shortage of parking spaces in the commercial and business center of the city.

Moshe helped improvise and adapt the "provision of vehicles and parking" bylaw in accordance with the specific requirements of the city, managed the issuing of tenders for the supply of parking meters and for additional parking services from external sources (billing, etc.). He also established a system for yielding better economic benefits, which has proven itself over and over again, trained and mentored managers, personnel supervisors and law enforcement staff and undertook efficient management of the entire parking project.

I have no doubt that, due to Moshe's vast experience accumulated over the years in the parking industry in general and in the municipal realm in particular, he would benefit any organization requiring his assistance with a high quality of professionalism

Zvika Slutsky

Zvika Slutsky

The Kinneret Drainage and River Authority

The Kinneret City Union is a statutory body designed to initiate and conduct operations for overseeing the efficient management of all Sea of Galilee beaches and public parking lots, as well as overseeing the implementation and enforcement of laws and regulations with respect to protecting and preserving water quality and the environment.

In order to manage the parking of 11 public parking lots around the Sea of Galilee, we hired professional expert and international consultant of organized parking and parking lots, Moshe Bachar, who assessed the terrain and issued a tender for the supply, installation, operation and maintenance of sophisticated computerized operating and fee collection systems, corresponding precisely to our needs.

Shalom Shimon

Shalom Shimon

Bnei Brak Financial Company Ltd.

For reasons beyond our control, I was compelled to terminate your post as acting CEO of the Financial Association. It is clearly an action I regret undertaking. In any event I heartily wish you success in all your endeavors.

This is also an opportunity to thank you for your dedicated and efficient work throughout your tenure in the company and in particular for establishing a municipal parking authority of an exceptional quality in a most professional manner. You undertook this task under difficult time constraints and with an already demanding schedule. In addition, you recruited excellent personnel and trained them in accordance with protocol. In a short time the workers gained a high level of skill, allowing for a smooth and continued flow of labor.

גלית פוגל

גלית פוגל

מנכ"ל הוד השרון חברה כלכלית עירונית לפיתוח בע"מ

"משה בכר ליווה ומלווה את החברה במתן ייעוץ בתחומים שונים הקשורים בחניה המוסדרת
(On Street) ובחניית Off Street.

הייעוץ והשירות של משה ניתנים באופן מקצועי ויסודי, תוך הכרות, בקיאות ומומחיות ברמה הגבוהה והמעודכנת ביותר, בתחום החנייה המוסדרת והחניונים. בנוסף, השירות ניתן ע"י משה באדיבות, בזריזות ובנועם הליכות.

אין לי ספק כי בזכות נסיונו הרב והמצטבר בתחום, ובזכות יכולתו האישית כאיש ארגון הרואה ומבין באופן רב מערכתי את הצרכים המקצועיים של כל ארגון, משה הינו בעל היכולת ליתן שרות מקצועי ולעילא לכל לקוח ולמצוא פתרונות יצירתיים, מודרניים ויעילים לפי דרישותיו".


Hillel Granot

Hillel Granot

Hillel Granot

Mr Bachar served as director of the municipal parking authority from 1996-1999, under the auspices of the Petach Tikva Development Company Ltd.

As fitting to his role, Mr. Bachar commenced management of the parking authority and held a range of responsibilities including:

Operation of the entire parking system in and around the city and industrial zones.

Moshe Spector

Moshe Spector

Office of the CEO Executive

Mr. Bachar was employed as the manager of the parking authority of the City of Petach Tikva for over 4 years. During this period he helped develop and greatly improve the authority in the areas of management, information systems and setting new precedents and procedures that prove themselves over and over each day.

Shimon Susan

Shimon Susan

Office of the Head of the Regional Council
Hevel Modiin

I would like to express my appreciation to parking lot consultant, Moshe Bachar, for his professional contribution to establishing the parking authority of the Hevel Modiin Regional Council.

With his considerable expertise, Moshe prepared the groundwork and took charge of all procedures in securing a permit as applicable to the "provision of vehicles and parking" bylaw. He tailored the project to the specific requirements of the parking authority and created a comprehensive master plan for parking arrangements in the following designated areas:

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