Assessmeent of requiremnts, customization and solutions

Implementation of preliminary operations for obtaining optimal solutions.

Objectives of the various construction phases:

  • Outline of current conditions (status)
  • Handling of influencing factors and closing of critical gaps
  • Defining solutions deemed most efficient
  • Consolidation of operational plans


Outline of current conditions (status)

A comprehensive preliminary analysis based on the accumulation of the specifics and determining factors, with the following principle objectives: identifying and defining the optimal area designated for parking, assessing the long-term and changing requirements, compiling a list of existing constraints requiring assessment, defining the target market, collecting relevant data regarding the potential for the current parking area, and analyzing how it should be utilized to achieve its fullest potential.

The analysis, as determined from the preliminary findings, will likely expose gaps in the current status, requiring attention, which will consequently pave the way for the following stages of the work (planning, permits) and the like.


Closing critical gaps

Exposing gaps revealed by the analysis, such as gaps in legislation (due to out of date laws), gaps in planning, preparation, and so on. These will be attended to in order of priority, thus creating the necessary conditions for implementing the parking plan, which would otherwise not be feasible.

Meeting the client’s needs

The conclusions of the analysis will enable us to present the client with the optimal solutions, in accordance with their requirements, while at the same time taking their financial constraints under the utmost consideration. Once a decision is made on the most suitable model from the range of existing options, we can then organize and build a strategic work plan to be implemented for the duration of the operation.

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