Services include:

Implementation of the outlined operation and supervision of external service suppliers and their computerized and electronic systems, as well as their compliance with the terms of contract, for example:

  • Suppliers of parking meters – Ensuring the continuous availability of technology, accessibility and maintenance thereof, upholding the standard of service required in the tender, emptying cash from the parking meters securely, controlled and precise counting of cash contents emptied from parking meters, and so forth.
  • IT providers - compliance with information security, maintaining security backups of databases, availability and reliability of the system and its applications, and so forth.
  • Collection contractors – compliance with conditions as according to the 1941 Palestinian Tax Ordinance, passed during the British Mandate; for example, delegating authority for tax collection, establishing procedures for issuing adequate warnings, implementing adequate steps for executing decisions in compliance with the law, in accordance with the tender, and so on.

Drafting periodic and relevant inspection reports for the customer’s referral.

Ensuring efficient repairs of any defects exposed.

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