Zvika Slutsky

Zvika Slutsky

The Kinneret Drainage and River Authority

The Kinneret City Union is a statutory body designed to initiate and conduct operations for overseeing the efficient management of all Sea of Galilee beaches and public parking lots, as well as overseeing the implementation and enforcement of laws and regulations with respect to protecting and preserving water quality and the environment.

In order to manage the parking of 11 public parking lots around the Sea of Galilee, we hired professional expert and international consultant of organized parking and parking lots, Moshe Bachar, who assessed the terrain and issued a tender for the supply, installation, operation and maintenance of sophisticated computerized operating and fee collection systems, corresponding precisely to our needs.

Kinneret Drainage Authority -Sea of Galilee Administration

To whom it may concern:

The automatic systems in parking lots, which were installed under the watchful eye of Moshe, in accordance with his instructions, vastly increased the revenue from our beachside parking, and improved our enabled more efficient management. They enabled us to employ the use of LPR-type photographic identification, capturing the vehicle specifics at the time of entry into andexit from the parking lot and to charge the exact parking fee, made payable by a number of options: cash payment, credit card payment and mobile payment.

The parking lots built around the Sea of Galilee are controlled by a central computerized operating system set up in the offices of the Kinneret City Union, and are linked to each other through a secure IPVPN network, thereby maintaining a very high level of confidentiality and enabling us to keep track of beach revenue, and to keep an eye from afar on crucial details regarding the parking lot operations and routines and ensuring the functioning of mechanisms from afar, such as the boom gates, intercom etc

Moshe Bachar is an expert and international consultant in parking solutions and parking lots, both in Israel and abroad. He carried out his role as head project manager accordingly, developing our complete system, as described above. He is a professional facilitator, assessing and supervising contractors from various fields, for the purpose of providing the customer with the latest operating systems and respective servicing.

Moshe is a highly respected personality within our organization and, amongst other services, created a filing system for us with instructions and operational guidelines for our employees.

I have pleasure in giving him a warm personal recommendation for his professional service. I am sure that he will greatly benefit any organization requiring his services.


Zvika Slutsky, CEO

The Kinneret Drainage and River Authority

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